Customers | How Well Do You Know Them?

07/08/2021 18:37

How do you show value to the customers you already have? This certainly varies by product and service. If your focus is lifetime value of the customer. A special offers program may be the answer.

Creating the customer experience is a start. Start with the customers you have and understand the relationship you have with them. Do you really know your customer? It is time to do the deep dive on Top Tier Customer. You may want to chose the your top 10 customers in terms of dollar value.

Find out the following information on your Top Tier Customers: 

  • When was their first/last vist?
  • How often do they visit?
  • What is their total spend? 
  • What is their average spend per visit?
  • What did they purchase? First purchase? Typical purchase? Last purchase?
  • If you have an ecommerce site, you can review shopping cart abandonment, web searches and length of time on webpage.

Understanding your customer is key to creating parameters to the special offers program. This insight can help you engage your customers and add value to your relationships. Now you can build offers suited to top tier customers such as additional product information or cross selling and up selling products.

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