03/09/2019 17:49

Is Management Your Next Step?

As an employee you can take the next step. Corporate managers are looking for focused employees...


02/08/2019 21:53

How Do You Stay Inspired?

Staying inspired is paramount in the workforce today. It drives your day-to-day successes. So, how...


01/09/2019 12:03

Do You Identify as a Leader or a Follower?

Corporate managers are often aspiring leaders. Leaders are level-headed, charismatic, and...


12/10/2018 15:44

How To Network An Event?

Networking is challenging for many job seekers. For those who do attend events and try to network,...


11/10/2018 11:38

Marketing Evolves With New Skills

Professions change over time. Marketing is no exception. Marketing has evolved with new skills in...


10/10/2018 20:15

Invaluable Lessons Learned

As a marketing consultant in the technology sector I learned invaluable lessons in global and brand...


09/10/2018 17:22

How Do You Show Experience?

Showing experience on your resume seems easy. List your work experience and the key tasks you...


08/01/2018 16:48

Networking With A Goal

There is networking an event to build your resources and there is networking to find a job. They...


07/08/2018 18:37

Customers | How Well Do You Know Them?

How do you show value to the customers you already have? This certainly varies by product and...


06/09/2018 17:36

5 Tips for Sustainable Blog Content

At some point you are blank on ideas for your next blog. Well, for small and large businesses that...


05/09/2018 11:09

SEO | 7 Best Practices for Video

Recently, I attended a meetup event with Adam Levy of LDRK Media in Round Rock, TX. The topic was...


04/08/2018 11:45

Integrated Marketing Communications | Focused and Relevant

Today, there is a strong focus for integrated marketing communications that is relevant to the...


03/08/2018 12:54

Trust In Your Work Group?

When asked about working in groups, for most people a top concern is trust. Trust is earned. Trust...


02/08/2018 11:28

How Do You Identify Emerging Leaders?

In your organization, you work with many different personalities, diverse cultures, and a variety...


01/09/2018 12:00

Supervisors Can Create Team Leaders With 5 Steps

New Supervisor? Training team leaders on your watch can happen. How should you get started?...


12/09/2017 19:21

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns and Strategies

You are all digital now. Way to go. Have you optimized your internal organization contacts?...


11/10/2017 15:07

Email Campaigns: Segment for Results

Time to think about your next email campaign.  Segment your customers into groups based on...


10/08/2017 12:19

A New Dimension To Your Business Strategy; Customer Persona Demystified, Defined, Developed

What is your business strategy? Start with your customer strategy, Then, evaluate your campaign...


09/10/2017 12:36

Email Campaigns: Brainstorming with Segments

Wondering what to do next to drive sales? Gather your team that knows your business best. Pick...


08/10/2017 11:08

Email Campaigns: When do I hit send?

There is an art to sending an email campaign. Plenty of studies are available on the best time of...


07/07/2017 15:56

Email Campaigns: Sounding Tired!

Do you feel far removed from your customers? Is your email campaign sounding tired? Does it no...


06/10/2017 15:00

Email Campaigns: More Segmenting Ideas

Email campaigns continue to show success. Marketers use databases to segment buyers by last...


05/08/2017 11:31

5 Tips For Your Next Blog

Now you are blogging. You are generating followers and need new ideas for your next blog. First,...


04/10/2017 15:13

Email Campaigns: Segmenting for Dollars

If you are new to segmenting your email campaigns. See my previous blog segmenting by last...


03/10/2017 15:21

Email Campaigns: Segmenting for Seasonal Sales

Time to clear the seasonal items in your stock. Email campaigns can drive results for seasonal...


02/10/2017 12:58

4 Factors In Messaging To Your Customers

There are 4 important factors in messaging to your customers. The right message at the right time...


02/02/2017 12:30

Team Building | Involve Everyone In Training

Invite your team to participate in training. With a good plan this can be a very rewarding and team...


01/08/2017 12:18

Engaging Clients With Amazing Results!

Clients are looking for marketers to engage them with great information.  How do you...


12/10/2016 19:15

Recipe For Transforming Customer Engagement

Customer engagement in a world of social media continues to evolve.  Customer engagement is...


11/08/2016 12:14

Use An Editorial Calendar To Manage Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to drive your inbound marketing.  In creating your strategy, use an...