Your Client Service Team Can Sell

01/09/2022 22:41

Business Development has been a part of my career in cross selling, up selling and exploring ideas with my clients. I am successful in client relations and wanted to share some tips on business development.  

First, you have to meet and build relationships in your business community. LinkedIn groups is a great tool to build relationships with people interested in your product. If there is not a group on your product, start one and invite prospective clients to join your group. Second is to begin the business development process, set the rules for your engagement and form a mutual agreement. Third is to address pain points and ensure these points are resolved before you continue. This is a good point to find out if there is substance in the relationship before you invest time.  

Fourth is the investment of time and money to sell your product and build a partnership. Fifth is the decision making process which involves including all key decision makers in a meeting. The fourth and fifth steps may happen at the same time. This is highly desirable and will take hours of planning and lead time to coordinate schedules. Now we are at the sixth step and the product proposal. The proposal must include the parameters of your relationship and commitment, timeline, key components of the product and the solution you are selling. The solution must meet the client expectations to seal the deal. You must successfully ask for your prospective client's business. With their agreement there corporate agreements to complete.

Now it seems as though you are complete. Another critical component is the post sale. This is where your client service or account management team is involved. A smooth transition and a polished client service team member will ensure a great relationship. I have 20 years experience in building client relationships, business development and account management. The steps above are critical for success. 

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