08/01/2019 16:48

Networking With A Goal

There is networking an event to build your resources and there is networking to find a job. They...


05/09/2018 11:09

SEO | 7 Best Practices for Video

Recently, I attended a meetup event with Adam Levy of LDRK Media in Round Rock, TX. The topic was...


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Integrated Marketing Communications | Focused and Relevant

Today, there is a strong focus for integrated marketing communications that is relevant to the...


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Trust In Your Work Group?

When asked about working in groups, for most people a top concern is trust. Trust is earned. Trust...


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How Do You Identify Emerging Leaders?

In your organization, you work with many different personalities, diverse cultures, and a variety...


01/09/2018 12:00

Supervisors Can Create Team Leaders With 5 Steps

New Supervisor? Training team leaders on your watch can happen. How should you get started?...


12/09/2017 19:21

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns and Strategies

You are all digital now. Way to go. Have you optimized your internal organization contacts?...


11/10/2017 15:07

Email Campaigns: Segment for Results

Time to think about your next email campaign.  Segment your customers into groups based on...


10/08/2017 12:19

A New Dimension To Your Business Strategy; Customer Persona Demystified, Defined, Developed

What is your business strategy? Start with your customer strategy, Then, evaluate your campaign...


09/10/2017 12:36

Email Campaigns: Brainstorming with Segments

Wondering what to do next to drive sales? Gather your team that knows your business best. Pick...