Supervisors Can Create Team Leaders With 5 Steps

01/09/2018 12:00

New Supervisor? Training team leaders on your watch can happen. How should you get started? Identify potential candidates. Observe them in individual and group activities. Evaluate their job effectiveness, knowledge, initiative, and integrity.  

With candidates identified, assign them to be a team lead on a project. Work closely with them on their project management skills, delegating, monitoring and evaluating of team members. Much of this work is done outside of the group setting on an individual basis. These processes take time, may happen over several projects and follows these intensive steps. 

  • Identify candidate(s) for the role of team leader.
  • Asssign project(s) to the team leader.
  • Build positive rapport with the team leader(s).
  • Regularly monitor the team leader(s).
  • Evaluatie the team leader(s) periodically.

In summary, leadership takes time, delegating, monitoring, evaluating and project management skills. 


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