Optimizing Marketing Campaigns and Strategies

12/09/2017 19:21

You are all digital now. Way to go. Have you optimized your internal organization contacts? Specifically, are you working directly with your IT and Customer Engagement Teams? Depending on your organization's size there may other teams to network with as well. The key to digital marketing optimization is keep the internal partners current with your strategies and campaigns. This can be a challenge to have the bandwidth to do your role and loop in key internal teams.

Ideas to make it work:

  1. Schedule regular sessions to update the identified key internal teams.
  2. Setup an internal portal to provide updates to key internal teams.
  3. Setup groups in SalesForce Chatter, Linkedin, Facebook or other internal commuication tool.

The key to optimized digital marketing is to keep your company informed, especially the IT and Customer Engagement Teams.


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