Networking With A Goal

08/01/2019 16:48

There is networking an event to build your resources and there is networking to find a job. They are very different concepts. Typically, networking to find a job is harder. You may network a lot of events before you find the job. Many networking events have more job seekers than hiring managers. Although, I have manager contacts who hire from networking events and are very pleased with the results. The benefits are the casual, friendly atmosphere with the job seekers open to great conversation and you can easily understand their skills and career focus.

Job seekers should focus on who their network can introduce them to. Building a network of contacts, who know the job opportunities you are looking for, can net your dream job. Develop a plan to meet people, share valuable resources and build your tribe. Your tribe will be your support team that works with you and supports you through your career transitions. They will be honest with you and help you develop your interviewing skills.

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