03/08/2021 12:14

Use An Editorial Calendar To Manage Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to drive your inbound marketing.  In creating your strategy, use an...


02/10/2021 12:58

4 Factors In Messaging To Your Customers

There are 4 important factors in messaging to your customers. The right message at the right time...


10/08/2020 14:40

Clients Never Like To Hear About A Mistake

After many years in account management, I have learned clients cringe when you tell them bad...


09/10/2020 12:21

Social Media: The Emergence of Customer Service and Marketing

Today, we have an informed consumer.  They will post information on your service, your...


05/08/2020 11:31

5 Tips For Your Next Blog

Now you are blogging. You are generating followers and need new ideas for your next blog. First,...


10/10/2019 20:15

Invaluable Lessons Learned

As a marketing consultant in the technology sector I learned invaluable lessons in global and brand...


08/01/2019 16:48

Networking With A Goal

There is networking an event to build your resources and there is networking to find a job. They...


05/09/2018 11:09

SEO | 7 Best Practices for Video

Recently, I attended a meetup event with Adam Levy of LDRK Media in Round Rock, TX. The topic was...


04/08/2018 11:45

Integrated Marketing Communications | Focused and Relevant

Today, there is a strong focus for integrated marketing communications that is relevant to the...


03/08/2018 12:54

Trust In Your Work Group?

When asked about working in groups, for most people a top concern is trust. Trust is earned. Trust...



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