Hiring The Right Person In 30 Minutes

04/08/2021 13:28


With the right questions, you can hire the right candidate in just one 30 minute interview.  The questions should be subjective with no right answer.  The responses will show the character, talent, skills, and methodology of the candidate. 

Questions should be tailored to your business model.  Sample questions could include.

Why do you work?

What management style do you prefer?

Tell me about your dream job? Dream hours?

Tell me about an unsuccessful event/experience in your career that you turned around?

How do you handle peers who you find disgruntled, dissatisfied, and tend to be little others?

What can you offer our marketing team?

What else should I know about you that I haven’t asked?

Typically, these questions work for a 30 minute interview.  From these questions you can quickly determine if a candidate meets your company culture, values, goals and objective.  An added value to this process is that most candidates do not have a prepared pitch for these questions.  Quickly, you get to know the candidate and you can hire the right candidate in just 30 minutes!

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