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03/09/2019 17:49

Is Management Your Next Step?

As an employee you can take the next step. Corporate managers are looking for focused employees with an aptitude for leading. There are roles available for team leads, supervisiors and managers. Corporate managers would rather promote from within rather than look for a new hire that may not fit the...


02/25/2019 19:56

Endorsement by President of Tabs Direct

“Sharon is a very detail oriented manager who anticipates client’s needs. Sharon is trusted by her clients and sets a very high standard for herself, her work quality and output. She is never hesitant to take on new challenges and has a very positive can do attitude for her customers. Sharon always...


02/08/2019 21:53

How Do You Stay Inspired?

Staying inspired is paramount in the workforce today. It drives your day-to-day successes. So, how do you stay inspired? Do you read on your tablet device? Do you play electronic games? Do you workout? Do you attend a concert or movie? If you don't have an inspirational strategy, try one of...


01/09/2019 12:03

Do You Identify as a Leader or a Follower?

Corporate managers are often aspiring leaders. Leaders are level-headed, charismatic, and intelligent decision-makers. Ever wonder if you are a leader or a follower? Knowing this could assist you in finding the right role. Brad Lomenick's webpage link identifies leader and follower traits. Leaders...


01/01/2019 09:00

Current Resume

What am I doing currently? ♦ Seeking full time creative technical thinker position. ♦ Posting on WordPress websites. ♦ Learning the Business Analyst Book of Knowledge. ♦ Reading leadership and marketing blogs. ♦ Tweeting marketing and customer service content. ♦ Managing a digital...


12/23/2018 19:00

Space City BADD - May 2019

Planning for Space City Business Analysis Development Day (BADD) is in progress. Members and non members are welcome to attend. Group packages are available.     This year's theme is Evolution in Business Analysis. Attendees will be able to choose from two educational tracks: Leading...


12/10/2018 15:44

How To Network An Event?

Networking is challenging for many job seekers. For those who do attend events and try to network, here are some great tips. First, introduce yourself. Then, start the conversation casually. Next, develop the conversation into commonalities you have with the individual. If you don't have common...


11/10/2018 11:38

Marketing Evolves With New Skills

Professions change over time. Marketing is no exception. Marketing has evolved with new skills in job titles, duties, responsibilities, and software. A few examples include: Kapost will help you manage your content such as white papers, blog posts, and video. Kapost provides a marketing workflow....


10/10/2018 20:15

Invaluable Lessons Learned

As a marketing consultant in the technology sector I learned invaluable lessons in global and brand marketing. The organization is diverse with strong ethical guidelines. The team takes this seriously and has won awards for this. Leadership is focused on strategic objectives and empowering team...


09/10/2018 17:22

How Do You Show Experience?

Showing experience on your resume seems easy. List your work experience and the key tasks you performed at each job. Next, show how you made a difference, improved a process or automated a task. With applicant tracking systems the right words are important. A few newly worded skills that I am...