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12/10/2016 19:15

Recipe For Transforming Customer Engagement

Customer engagement in a world of social media continues to evolve.  Customer engagement is similar to your favorite recipe.  You need all the ingredients.  You need to make sure they are fresh and measured precisely.  The customer engagement recipe includes: a quarter cup of...


07/12/2016 12:15

Mentoring Account Management Talent

Over the years I have built many account management teams. The most successful teams involved matching personalities of team members with clients. Then, I develop the talents of team members by learning their interests, inviting them to participant and mentoring on their role in the...


06/08/2016 19:56

How Do You Build Client Trust?

In today’s environment, many organizations find this to be a challenge.  In an organization trust must start with senior management continuing through all staffing levels.  It continues with vendors and contract resources onsite.   Contributing factors to building trust include...


05/09/2016 11:00

Does Your Marketing Tell A Compelling Story?

In marketing your story is the key to your present and future business. With social media you must engage the customer, earn the customer’s trust and build a relationship. You can do this by telling a compelling story. The story must be interesting, brief and focused on your...


04/02/2016 12:00

Achieve Great Success Empowering Your Team

Team recognition is critical and can be accomplished in many ways. Team recognition are the daily thank yous for a job well done. For a completed project, maybe it is a gift card or lunch or possibly bowling night.  The recognition among peers builds self esteem and empowers the team to do...


03/12/2016 16:35

Well, have you decided on Social Media? on your Clients? on your Team?

Tough decisions when you are trying to do everything simultaneously. Today, Marketing and Client Service are Social Media. Your clients and your team members are ready to talk to you via Social Media. Are you ready? Do you have time? Well, join me on Linkedin group "Client Service Social Media". We...


02/22/2016 12:00

Real Leadership In Your Organization

Do you know a great leader? Leaders are proactive visionaries poised to take the organization to the next level. Leaders offer solutions when it seems there is no solution. Leaders practice continuous learning and are at the forefront of new innovations. Leaders are accomplished managers who...


01/09/2016 21:40

How Can You Improve Your Next Business Meeting?

In the office and outside the office, business meetings happen daily. How can you improve your next business meeting? Here are some steps to ensure success on your next business meeting.  Create a checklist of items that you will need. Key topics to include the agenda, meeting...


05/01/2014 15:48

Spring Acquisition Campaign |

The American Marketing Association conducts a spring acquisition campaign for new members. Spring 2014 has a new theme that rotates on digital media. has the details. For the Austin Chapter I have created an integrated campaign to include: Event Flyer Digital newsletter...


10/10/2013 10:29

Join AMA | Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated marketing campaigns have been around for awhile. The integrated marketing campaign is often limited by funds. My most recent integrated marketing campaign for the Austin Chapter of the American Marketing Association experienced limited funds. All components of the program were...