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10/08/2017 12:19

A New Dimension To Your Business Strategy; Customer Persona Demystified, Defined, Developed

What is your business strategy? Start with your customer strategy, Then, evaluate your campaign strategy. Then, look at your pricing strategy.  How do they all relate to your customer persona? Whether you have a defined program or not, you are marketing to your customer. A program review may...


09/10/2017 12:36

Email Campaigns: Brainstorming with Segments

Wondering what to do next to drive sales? Gather your team that knows your business best. Pick someone from every department. This is brainstorming 101. This will build morale and confidence at your company. Find out who they think your best customer is. Build this persona. Then, assemble your...


08/10/2017 11:08

Email Campaigns: When do I hit send?

There is an art to sending an email campaign. Plenty of studies are available on the best time of day to send email campaigns. Do the studies fit your business? Have you ever done your own study on when your customers open your emails? Have you looked at trends of how long they spend on your...


07/07/2017 15:56

Email Campaigns: Sounding Tired!

Do you feel far removed from your customers? Is your email campaign sounding tired? Does it no longer drive the results you are looking for? Are you ready to try a new option?  If you answered yes to all of the above, then I have a new option for you. Try a guest writer for your next email...


06/10/2017 15:00

Email Campaigns: More Segmenting Ideas

Email campaigns continue to show success. Marketers use databases to segment buyers by last purchase date, lifetime value, purchase price, total purchase price, products, sizes, colors and a myriad of other catergories. Are you regularly updating your categories? Time to analyze your data and get...


05/08/2017 11:31

5 Tips For Your Next Blog

Now you are blogging. You are generating followers and need new ideas for your next blog. First, write a blog where you talk to your customers and share a favorite story on your product or service. This will spark interest for repeat customers and possibly give you an opportunity to cross sell...


04/10/2017 15:13

Email Campaigns: Segmenting for Dollars

If you are new to segmenting your email campaigns. See my previous blog segmenting by last purchase date. The next step is to take your active purchasers and segment into groups by total sales. Sample groups may look like. Under $100 $101 - $250 $251 - $500 $500+ Your next...


03/10/2017 15:21

Email Campaigns: Segmenting for Seasonal Sales

Time to clear the seasonal items in your stock. Email campaigns can drive results for seasonal sales items. Check your database for purchasers who buy seasonal sales items and who buy discounted items. They should be your prime target for your next seaonal sale. Ciurate your content to this type...


02/10/2017 12:58

4 Factors In Messaging To Your Customers

There are 4 important factors in messaging to your customers. The right message at the right time with the right audience via the right channel with drive results for your business. Take the time to perfect your message. Your message will build your brand.


02/02/2017 12:30

Team Building | Involve Everyone In Training

Invite your team to participate in training. With a good plan this can be a very rewarding and team building activity. Start with a team meeting to generate ideas for training. Generally 15 to 20 ideas is satisfactory.  Then, identify the objectives for each idea. At this point some ideas may...