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03/08/2021 12:14

Use An Editorial Calendar To Manage Your Blog

Blogs are a great way to drive your inbound marketing. In creating your strategy, use an editorial calendar to plan. The calendar is a process to identify your strategy, determine topics you will blog on, number of times you will blog per week or month, keywords, tags and website links you will...


02/10/2021 12:58

4 Factors In Messaging To Your Customers

There are 4 important factors in messaging to your customers. The right message at the right time with the right audience via the right channel with drive results for your business. Take the time to perfect your message. Your message will build your brand.


01/02/2021 11:31

5 Tips For Your Next Blog

Now you are blogging. You are generating followers and need new ideas for your next blog. First, write a blog where you talk to your customers and share a favorite story on your product or service. This will spark interest for repeat customers and possibly give you an opportunity to cross sell...


08/01/2019 16:48

Networking With A Goal

There is networking an event to build your resources and there is networking to find a job. They are very different concepts. Typically, networking to find a job is harder. You may network a lot of events before you find the job. Many networking events have more job seekers than hiring managers....


02/25/2019 19:56

Endorsement by President of Tabs Direct

“Sharon is a very detail oriented manager who anticipates client’s needs. Sharon is trusted by her clients and sets a very high standard for herself, her work quality and output. She is never hesitant to take on new challenges and has a very positive can do attitude for her customers. Sharon always...


12/23/2018 19:00

Space City BADD - May 2019

Planning for Space City Business Analysis Development Day (BADD) is in progress. Members and non members are welcome to attend. Group packages are available.     This year's theme is Evolution in Business Analysis. Attendees will be able to choose from two educational tracks: Leading...


05/09/2018 11:09

SEO | 7 Best Practices for Video

Recently, I attended a meetup event with Adam Levy of LDRK Media in Round Rock, TX. The topic was SEO of video. Maybe you thought SEO of video happened naturally? Well there are 7 best practices that you can use immediately on your video content on YouTube. 1) the first word in your title is a...


04/08/2018 11:45

Integrated Marketing Communications | Focused and Relevant

Today, there is a strong focus for integrated marketing communications that is relevant to the customer. Consumers are bombarded by messages. Consumers are informed and do their own research on products and services. Often this is done on a smartphone at the location they are doing business. Many...


03/08/2018 12:54

Trust In Your Work Group?

When asked about working in groups, for most people a top concern is trust. Trust is earned. Trust and distrust in work groups occurs on a daily basis. Team members work diligently to earn the trust of other team members. Then, issues occur, missed deadlines, quality concerns and the distrust...


02/08/2018 11:28

How Do You Identify Emerging Leaders?

In your organization, you work with many different personalities, diverse cultures, and a variety of projects. How can you identify the emerging leaders? Look around, these employees have little or no formal authority. Typically, other employees gravitate to this person. They often become the...