How Can You Improve Your Next Business Meeting?

01/09/2016 21:40

In the office and outside the office, business meetings happen daily. How can you improve your next business meeting? Here are some steps to ensure success on your next business meeting. 

Create a checklist of items that you will need. Key topics to include

  1. the agenda,
  2. meeting place,
  3. technological equipment,
  4. chairs and tables,
  5. prepare documentation,
  6. refreshments,
  7. cleanup plans,
  8. arrive early for a last check of all items.

The agenda is an overview of the meeting. Setting an agenda is vital for your success. Identify the purpose of the meeting. Select the participants. Route the agenda to all attendees prior to the meeting.

Select the meeting location. Confirm the meeting location is available. Confirm the meeting location has plenty of parking, easy access, chairs, tables, projectors, screens and other housekeeping items.

Keep the meeting on track. Encourage participation. Close effectively by summarizing the key points and establishing next steps. 

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