Does Your Marketing Tell A Compelling Story?

05/09/2016 11:00

In marketing your story is the key to your present and future business. With social media you must engage the customer, earn the customer’s trust and build a relationship. You can do this by telling a compelling story. The story must be interesting, brief and focused on your product. Remember your customer has to be engaged to read it and the story must be plausible to earn trust and build a relationship. Businesses are scrambling to hire story tellers. Story tellers are needed for Facebook pages, websites, YouTube, blogs and podcasts. 

The goal is to convert a Facebook fan into a like; then, drive the fan to a website hit and ultimately a purchase. The more compelling the story is to the reader; the greater the propensity to purchase the product. Analytics show success trends directly are affected by how well you tell the story.

Businesses are using Twitter, as an engagement tool, to drive the customer to the website or to retweet the business to their followers. If the customer elects to link to your website, the landing page is important to tell an engaging story. An engaging story will determine if you have a hit on a page landing or a purchase. 

Compelling stories explain the product, the purpose and uses, and an immediate call to action to make a purchase. The more direct and strategic a story is generates a higher purchase rate. Ultimately, the goal is to generate repeat purchases. Regularly reviewing the analytics on your social media sites and your website are vital to the performance of your marketing tactics. From your analytics you can determine what works, when the event happened, which time is best, sources links and unique visitors. Keep telling compelling stories and monitoring analytics, over time your marketing will tell a unique story about your business.

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