Social Media: The Emergence of Customer Service and Marketing

07/10/2022 12:21

Today, we have an informed consumer.  They will post information on your service, your product and how they feel about both.  As marketers, we encourage the consumer to do just that.  The opportunities are available everywhere.  We direct them to our website, twitter, facebook, YouTube, surveys and a variety of other options.  Our optimum goal is to have a great response and that everyone sees that response.  How can you ensure this happens?  Well, the truth can't make them like your product or services.

How can you achieve this?  Hire the best employees.  Train your team to be ready for this.  Encourage your team to be involved in social marketing.  Sounds easy.  Everyone jump on Facebook and Twitter.  Then, it becomes a resource issue to manage.  All levels of organizations today are determing how to handle this situation.  Share how your organization handles social media by joining my group Client Service Social Media on Linkedin groups.

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