08/08/2022 09:00

Current Resume

SharonMendoza Resume 2022   What am I doing currently? ♦ Seeking full time creative technical thinker position. ♦ Posting on WordPress websites. ♦ Learning the Business Analyst Book of Knowledge. ♦ Reading leadership and marketing blogs. ♦ Mentoring a team and coaching professionals.  


07/17/2022 18:28

Sharon's career path

My favorite role is creative technical thinker. My career has given me this opportunity many times in multiple roles and organizations. My technical skills work best in operations, project management, business analysis or marketing operations roles for corporate capital projects, onboarding new systems, and system enhancements. I have built my career on learning and evolving my technical skills, project manager roles and coaching team members. From database marketing to project manager roles, I have earned multiple promotions leading to executive management and P & L...


02/25/2019 19:56

Endorsement by President of Tabs Direct

“Sharon is a very detail oriented manager who anticipates client’s needs. Sharon is trusted by her clients and sets a very high standard for herself, her work quality and output. She is never hesitant to take on new challenges and has a very positive can do attitude for her customers. Sharon always is trying to improve process and make work easier to accomplish for the team. She has always been very dedicated and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.” May 2, 2010 by Jim Badum, President, Tabs Direct  managed Sharon at Tabs Direct Endorsements