A New Dimension To Your Business Strategy; Customer Persona Demystified, Defined, Developed

10/08/2017 12:19

What is your business strategy? Start with your customer strategy, Then, evaluate your campaign strategy. Then, look at your pricing strategy.  How do they all relate to your customer persona? Whether you have a defined program or not, you are marketing to your customer. A program review may be in order to see what works and what doesn't.

business strategyHow does customer persona relate to your business strategy? First, define your customer persona. Have You Defined Your Ideal Customer Profiles? is a great article to provide a framework to build your ideal persona. This article provides a list of characteristics to include in your persona such as industry, expertise, interests, demographics, thought leaders, decision factors, and influences.

Then, when you know who your customer is, you can bring in your customer strategy, pricing strategy, and campaign strategy. With this new focus, you can refine your programs, boost sales and drive results.



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